The Art Of Writing Powerful Classified Ads
By Bill Daugherty

One powerful little classified ad can make you a fortune! It will sell your product or service for months, even years, to come in any advertising venue you choose. On the other hand, a weak ad won't produce enough income to justify the time it takes you to write and submit the poor little thing.

Writing great ad copy may be an art form, but it's an art that can be easily learned with a little guidance and a little practice.

So stop wasting your time writing useless weak ads. You can write powerful ad copy every time if you will follow three simple rules.

Rule #1 The headline of your ad must catch the reader's attention instantly. Surfers scan ads at near the speed of light and your ad is competing with a lot of other ads and information for their attention. The headline of your ad must bring that surfer to a screeching halt.

Rule #2 The body of your ad must not only hold the reader's attention, it should get the reader excited about your product or service. You want your visitors eager and ready buy your product or service before they reach your site.

Rule #3 The ad must target potential customers for your product or service. What's called a blind ad may draw a lot of visitors to your site, but few will buy, and we are looking for buyers, not "tire kickers." Right?

To illustrate just how strong an ad can be when these three rules are followed, I am going to show you two ads written for the same product. Let's say I have just gotten the resell rights to a new Ebook about how to write great classified ads.

This first ad will demonstrate a weak ad for this product and doesn't follow the three rules for writing powerful ads.

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This ad does satisfy the third rule by targeting potential customers for our product, but it fails miserably in all other aspects. That headline isn't going to grab anybody's attention. And the body of the ad is not only boring, it is trying to sell the steak instead of selling the sizzle. People are not interested in your product or service per se, they are only interested in what the product or service will do for them. How will they benefit from using your product or service That's the key to writing powerful ads. You must sell the sizzle, not the steak.

Now let's look at an ad for that same Ebook that does follow our three rules.

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This is a much better ad. It follows all three of our rules. It has an attention grabbing headline. The body of the ad talks not about the product, but the end result of using the product. And our entire ad targets potential customers for our product. See the difference?

It's just as easy to write a powerful ad as it is to write a weak one when you know and follow these three simple little rules. And remember, you will improve as you write more and more ads.

I wish you all the best in your classified advertising campaigns.

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