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Who is Kanoodle?

Kanoodle is a privately held company headquartered in Amherst, 
NY that launched on October 5, 1999 and has established itself 
as one of the premier pay-per-click Internet search engines. 
Embracing the bid-for-location system as the most efficient and 
cost-effective method of advertising for online businesses as 
well as believing that our system presents highly relevant search 
results that yield the most positive user experience possible, 
we believe that Kanoodle's presentation of its commerce driven 
results followed by Google's non-commercial web results truly 
makes the ideal search destination site.

Why should I advertise with Kanoodle?

Kanoodle's search results are incorporated by more than 10,000 
search-enabled websites including CNET,, 
and, the Internet's first searchable directory. Our 
listings are displayed by our search partners in many different 
fashions including top placement and meta-mixed as well as 
slideshow type of environments with partners such as Hotbar. 
Every deal in which a partner displays Kanoodle listings is 
created with the advertisers' ROI in mind. Our focus is on 
allowing our advertisers to target customers who are actively 
searching for their product and/or services. Kanoodle currently 
places their clients' products and services in front of 410 
million searches monthly. Our bid prices currently range from 
$.05 up to $7.00 per click, leaving how much you pay per click 
entirely up to you.

Additional Features of offers several features that will assist our 
advertisers in maximizing and retaining a good return on their 
advertising investment with Kanoodle:

· Search Affiliate Program: Kanoodle offers an Affiliate Program 
that allows advertisers to place Kanoodle's search engine on 
their sites in order to generate income from clickthroughs to 
Kanoodle listings that originate on the advertisers' sites.

Search Box:
Integrated Search:

· Free Banners: Advertisers whose listings are among the top 
three results for particular search terms receive free banner 
impressions (25%, 15%, and 5% rotation respectively, with the 
balance divided equally among the remaining listings).
· Logo Program: Advertisers who wish to have their company logos 
displayed next to all of their listings may do so for a nominal 

· Referring Affiliate Program: Kanoodle offers a Referring 
Affiliate Program for users who would like to generate revenue 
by referring clients to

· Keyword Metric Tool: The Keyword Metric Tool allows Kanoodle 
clients to estimate how much volume they will receive on a 
certain keyword and how much that keyword will cost in the 
number one position.

· Search Term Suggestion Tool: This tool allows our clients to 
enter a keyword and receive a list of other keywords that contain 
the query.

· Keyword Find Tool: This tool uses WordTracker technology that 
allows our clients to find related terms that they can easily 
add to their accounts.

· Keyword Express: This tool allows the users to select 
category-based terms, which they can easily add to their 

· Advertise in Europe: has partnered with to allow an easy transfer of your data that will 
automatically open up an espotting account containing all of 
your current Kanoodle keywords.

· Manual Account Suspension: Kanoodle allows its clients to 
temporarily suspend their accounts (while making changes to 
their sites or accounts).

· Keyword Traffic Reports: Our clients will receive Keyword 
Traffic reports via email, and have the ability to retrieve the 
reports while logged into their accounts. 
· Featured Website Solutions: This special section of Kanoodle 
allows our clients to present their website oriented service to 
other webmasters within These listings are 
restricted to website solutions including website design, 
hosting, advertising, analysis and management as well as website 
oriented credit card services. You must be a client 
to participate.

· Search Spy: This is a fun tool that anyone can 
use to see what people are searching for on Kanoodle. All 
searches are posted anonymously. Check it out: 


Pre-Screening Provides Superior Relevancy

One of the biggest changes at Kanoodle in 2002 was the launch of 
our Pre-Screening system that allows the review of advertisers' 
keyword terms before they are added to the advertisers' accounts. 
This process has undoubtedly improved the relevancy of Kanoodle's 
search results and, by extension, the user experience. Approval 
of terms may take up to three business days, but to date we have 
averaged a 24 hour turnaround on submitted terms which is a far 
cry from that of our competitors. For more information regarding 
our relevancy policies, please click here:

Free Account Consulting and Management

A big advantage of using Kanoodle is that each Kanoodle client 
is assigned a personal Account Consultant to help him or her 
with his or her account. We call this our foKus™ Program.

The foKus™ program is free, and lets us provide advertisers with 
valuable guidance related to the best way to promote their sites. 
It also includes services that relieve advertisers of some 
"account management" duties. Among the benefits of the foKus™ 
program are the following:  

· We can provide advertisers with 100 or more keyword terms that 
are relevant to the specific content/information/product(s)/
service(s) with which their sites deal. These terms are selected 
in part because they are popular, regularly searched terms. The 
terms should prove to be successful for advertisers not only 
because of their popularity, but because they will deliver 
targeted traffic to the advertisers' sites.

· We can help advertisers complete their listings by providing 
titles and descriptions that will effectively promote the 
advertisers' sites.

· If advertisers' sites have multiple pages and the advertisers' 
terms pertain to different pages of their sites, we can attach 
the appropriate URL link to each term. The result of this "deep 
linking" is that consumers who choose to visit a site will be 
taken directly to the page that contains the content/information/
product/service that they are specifically looking for (a 
scenario that should yield the best user experience possible and 
provide advertisers with a higher return on investment).

· Advertisers' Account Managers can manage the advertisers' bids 
based on parameters set by the advertisers. An Account Manager 
can, each business day, raise or lower an advertiser's bids 
(between minimum and maximum amounts chosen by the advertiser) 
on his/her terms (or just on certain, specific terms) so the 
advertiser's listings will achieve desired placement in our 
search results (e.g. an Account Manager can manage an 
advertiser's bids so that all of his/her terms will be ranked #1 
as long as the bid does not exceed $0.25, or so that all terms 
will be ranked #2 as long as the bid does not exceed $0.25 or 
fall below $0.20, or so that specific terms will be ranked #1, 

At, we take great pride in providing all 
advertisers with as much guidance and assistance as is necessary 
to make their advertising campaigns as successful as possible. 
The foKus™ program allows us to work closely with advertisers 
and to share in their success. 

Sign-up with for as little as $25 and receive 
a $10 bonus on your deposit. (

Simply put, will place your keyword ads in front 
of users who are actively searching for your product or service, 
which ensures a great return on your advertising dollar. To sign 
up for an advertising account, please call 1-877-526-6635 (Toll 
Free) or Click Here ( 

If you have questions about, please visit our 
Frequently Asked Questions section 
or give us a call at 1-877-526-6635 (Toll Free).

About the Author
Michael Feeley is's Vice President of Corporate 
Development. As one of the founders of, Mr. Feeley's 
vision, combined with his deal-making skills, resulted in 
strategic relationships with many of the Internet's top branded