Make Your Website Talk
by Merle

Have you noticed the latest online craze? No, it's not how to 
make a million dollars overnight, although that idiotic idea is 
still floating around... it's adding voice to your website. "Ma 
Bell" meets the Internet, so to speak. If you spend any amount 
of time online I'm sure you've seen a number of sites employing 
this technology.

So who's behind this phenomenon and what's the benefit of adding 
voice to your website? I'm so glad you asked. In the cold, 
impersonal world of the Net, your voice adds a touch of warmth 
and personalization that can increase credibility, thus raising 
your conversion rate. Sound good? (No pun intended.) Of course 
it does.

So now that you're considering adding the sweet sound of your 
voice to your site, where might you want to use it? Depending on 
your website's content and theme, there are a variety of ways to 
incorporate your voice into it. For example:

:: You might place a welcome message on your front page, 
   summarizing your site's highlights, informing visitors of 
   what they'll find, and thanking them for stopping by.

:: If you have an "about us" page on your site, you might want 
   to record a brief message to accompany your background info. 
   This will help people feel as if they're actually meeting you.

:: Since testimonials are a great enhancement to any site 
   imagine if you actually added them in your customer's own 
   voice. If you use one of the phone recording services you 
   could give them the number and they could easily record how 
   they feel about your products/services.

:: If your site has been featured in an online interview or 
   radio show, imagine including this audio in your site. Just 
   think of it as your very own live press room.

One thing to consider is the quality of your voice. If it's not 
all that pleasant to listen to, you may want to employ the help 
of a friend, or you could hire a "professional" voice-over 
service. Do a search at Google and you'll find plenty of options. 
One such service is

So now that you're actually thinking of recording something and 
adding it to your site, how do you do it? There are many 
different ways, some more expensive then others. Let's examine 
some of your choices a little more closely.

1) MP3 Sound Stream:

Creates streaming audio from MP3 or Wav files.
Produces high quality output for only $39.95.

2) Audio Player Pro:

Starting at only $47.00. This produces a code that 
you can paste onto your website that will enable the 
viewers' default player. 

3) Audio Generator:

Streaming audio using just your browser. Easy to 
use, you can phone in your message or use MP3 files.
Excellent sound quality. After recording your message
paste some code onto your site and a button appears
with your audio. $29.95 monthly.

4) SoundNails:

This program converts several MP3 files into the 
popular Flash format. The sounds can then be played 
in streaming mode without the need of a player like
(Windows Media Player or Real Player) in a user-
friendly way. 30 day free trial is available, with
two versions offered ranging from $10.00 to $65.00.

5) Sonic Memo

Includes a step-by-step tutorial. You'll have to
create your own MP3 files and upload them to
your server. If you record WAV files, you'll
have to first convert them to MP3 format.
This software sells for $97.00.

6) Instant Audio:

Just record a message by phone and your website
or e-mail is instantly audio-enabled. To check
their sound quality call the phone number listed
on the site, leave a message, then hit the play
button on the site to listen. This service will
cost you 29.95 a month. 

Other Resources of Interest:

Free ebook that shows you how to add audio to your site at 
absolutely no cost to you. The book is rebrandable if you 
sign up for the affiliate program.

Internet Audio Guy:

Some pretty good resources here on adding audio, and if you 
subscribe to the ezine, you receive a 22-page free report 
entitled "Web Pages with Sound and Video."

Your site has been sending non-verbal messages for years; now 
it's time to break free and let it send a message everyone can 
hear. Adding audio to your website is not only easy to do, it 
can help you gain the trust of your site's visitors, thus 
increasing your conversion rate. So stop wasting your time and 
money, and start getting the sales you may be missing.

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