Promoting Your Web Site
by Shelley Lowery

Creating a successful Internet presence involves much more 
than designing a great web site or having the "perfect" product. 
Listing your web site with the Search Engines is your first step; 
however, you must not solely rely on the Search Engines to bring 
you traffic. 

You must design a complete promotional strategy and work it 
every day. If you're launching a new web site, your first 
step will be to submit your site to the Search Engines and 

Although there are many auto-submission software programs
available on the Internet, make sure you manually submit
your site to the main Search Engines and Directories:

Google: (
Although you can submit your site map to Google, you will 
receive a higher ranking by allowing their robots to find 
your pages on their own.) 
The Open Directory Project: (
AltaVista: (
Lycos: (
Hotbot: (

Once you've manually submitted your main pages, visit ( to
automatically submit your pages to a number of additional
Search Engines and Directories.

A good way to organize your promotions is to set up a web page, 
for your personal use, that will contain your complete strategy. 
This page should be stored on your hard drive and not uploaded 
to your server. Your page should contain four sections.

1. Daily Promotions 
2. Weekly Promotions 
3. Monthly Promotions 
4. Miscellaneous Promotions

Each of these four sections should contain the appropriate
information for each of your promotional resources, such as
web site name, user ID, password (if applicable) and
hyperlinked web addresses for each web site you plan to use
for your promotions. This will enable you to open your web
page each day and visit the sites you have listed.


Discussion Boards

Visit some popular discussion boards and share your expertise. 
Although you may not advertise on discussion boards, you can 
include your signature file with your post. Before you begin 
posting to discussion boards, make sure you lurk a while and 
see exactly how the board functions. 

Visit for a
complete listing of some of the top discussion boards.


Ezine Advertising / Ad Swaps

Your weekly promotions should consist of placing a paid ezine 
advertisement and/or arranging ad swaps with fellow publishers. 

Visit the Directory of Ezines ( 
for a complete listing of hundreds of publishers and contact 
information for advertising. 

To organize your ad placements and swaps, place the publication 
names, publisher names, ad dates and hyperlinked web addresses 
within your weekly promotions list.


Your monthly promotions should include writing an article in the 
area of your expertise, promotional exchanges with similar web 
sites, and offline promotions.

To organize your monthly promotions, place the names and 
hyperlinked web addresses for each of your promotional resources 
within your monthly promotions section.

Writing Articles

Writing articles that may be freely published with your bylines 
is one of the best promotional methods online. Your article may 
be published in hundreds of ezines, on web sites or even in 

For further information on writing articles, visit:

Promotional Exchanges

Cross promoting is a powerful technique used by many Internet 
marketers to increase the exposure of their products, services 
or publications. You simply decide what type of promotional 
exchange you would be interested in and contact fellow marketers 
to discuss an exchange.

The most effective technique used in cross promotions is 
recommendations. By providing each other with a personal
recommendation you can increase your response rates tremendously.

Here are some popular cross promoting techniques you can use
to boost your business:

Link Exchanges

Exchange links with web sites similar to yours, but not in
competition. Many Search Engines are now utilizing a system
that tracks and ranks sites according to the number of quality 
links pointing to a particular web site. By exchanging links 
with similar web sites, you will not only increase your Search 
Engine ranking, but you will also increase your web site traffic.

Ezine Ad Swaps

Exchange subscription ads with other ezine publishers. Ezine
advertising is one of the best forms of advertising on the 
Internet. By swapping ads with fellow ezine publishers, you
can run your ad in other publications free of charge.

Subscription Exchanges

Exchange subscription information with fellow ezine publishers. 
Provide recommendations within your ezine's welcome message, 
thank you page and even on your multiple subscription ezine form.

Ezine Column

Partner with a similar publication and provide content for each 
other. This may be a weekly tips column, question and answer 
column or whatever you'd like.

Ebook Exchanges

Partner with fellow Internet marketers and create free ebooks 
to freely distribute. The ebook should mutually benefit and 
promote both of you, while providing valuable information for 
your visitors.

Ride Alongs

A ride along is any extra information (advertisements) sent
along with a direct mailing. You can use this same technique
with any ezine solo mailings you may run by including an
exchange recommendation within your mailing. In addition,
you can include recommendations within the thank you letters 
you send out when you deliver your products.

Up Sells

An up sell is used when your customer is in the process of
ordering your product. Another product is introduced, for a
small additional cost, just as you're closing the sale. This
technique is used with many infomercials when the customer 
calls in their order. The operator will introduce an additional 
product for a minimal extra charge. You can use this same 
technique on your order page by trading product recommendations 
with fellow marketers.

A quality recommendation will pull a much higher response rate 
than just a link or banner. Cross promote with individuals you 
truly respect and believe in, as your professional reputation 
is on the line.

Offline Promotions

Promoting your web site offline is another great way to increase 
your traffic. Below are several resources to assist you:

IDit Plates (
Put your web address on your vehicle. IDit Plates are a great 
way to continuously promote your web site. They're triple chrome 
plated and blend in well with your vehicle.

Visit iPrint ( for your printing needs.
>From business print items to promotional items, iPrint has it 

Place ads in newspapers, magazines, on the radio, or on TV.
Visit these links for complete listings:

Gebbie Press ( 
Newspapers Online (

For even more promotional products, PromoCity 
( can add your logo to any one of 
over 500,000 items.


Your miscellaneous promotions might include paying for traffic, 
text and banner advertising.

Visit the following web addresses for further information:

Once you've implemented your promotional strategy and
continuously work it each day, you'll be amazed with the results 
of your efforts. Consistency will be the key to driving massive 
traffic to your site.

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series, Web Design Mastery -- An eight volume (500+ pages)
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