Atrocious Advertising Detected: Mission Critical!
By Michael S.L Bombard

You know folks, it seems like every corner I turn on the web, I see more and more "yucky" advertising. It's daunting to see the fully avoidable mistakes we're making. And the worst part is, if we would just slow down for a minute and examine what we're doing, we wouldn't make these simple, yet costly errors.

I constantly see people, experienced and new, making mistakes like these:

What's that you're promoting? :
First off, you should begin with your program or business. You're not promoting some flim-flam chain letter are you? Or how about some free replicating web page that will probably close down right when you finally start to make a few dollars?

No, that's not you. You did your research and built your business around credibility, professionalism and good old supply and demand, right?

Here's a general rule of thumb that I like to follow: Would you feel comfortable and "proud" recommending your program or business to your mother? Hmmm.

Spelling mistakes:
Please take the extra 30 seconds and check the spelling in your ads "before" blasting them everywhere. There's no bigger turn off for me than when I see ad copy with a plethora of simple spelling mistakes. I thought you were a professional businessman? But then again...

If you can't spell that great, so what. Use your spell check, or have somebody else look over your ads. Heck, send 'em to me. I'll make sure your spelling is correct. Trust me, this kills your credibility.

Triple check that URL! :
It really boggles my mind to see the sheer volume of people not using the correct web site link or email address in their ads. ' Do not ' type addresses into your ads, copy and paste! Copy and paste the correct links, and there's virtually no way to mess it up.

Maybe that's why that $50 solo ad never pulled in any leads?

Furthermore, use the 'mailto:' and 'http://' prompts in your address. This will make your links "clickable" for everyone. Most email programs won't hyperlink your address if you just use, . But add the 'http://' prompt and you'll get a nice clickable link like this one: .

Now, simply use the 'mailto:' prompt for your email address: . Isn't that pretty?

(Pssst. Did you notice the space for the "." after the link. When using your web site or email addresses in sentences, always put a space between the punctuation. Example: . <<== Now your links will always be ready for clicks.)

Yep, the last thing people want to see when looking through hundreds of ads per day is hype. You've seen the ads, maybe you're even creating these monsters...

"Join TODAY, Make $5,000 By Next Monday!!! GUARANTEED!"

Forget it. No way, next please. You know, even if your program does work miracles, don't go screaming it around the web. I want to see credibility. I want to trust you. Let me know how you can help me. Instead try something like:

"Attention: Incredible Breakthrough Guarantees YOU Extra Weekly Income"

That'll get my click!

Your ad copy:
The most critical part of any ad campaign. Let me just say this, spend at least 50% of your time on your ad copy.

If a genie landed in your lap and granted you one wish to benefit your marketing, what would you wish for? To overcome your fear of writing articles? To master the art of building web pages? Or how about the ability to materialize million dollar ads, one after another, just like the great copywriting pros.

Think about it. If you could create order-pulling ads and roll them out into millions of dollars in profits like the pros do, would you have any marketing problems to speak of? I doubt it. You'd be one "rich" and happy camper.

Well, I'm going to wrap this one up, leaving you with these words...

You know the old saying, "It's the small things that count." When you're marketing on this wild and crazy web, even the smallest of things can have a mammoth impact on the outcome. With hundreds of millions of people online at any given time (and growing at such an alarming rate) the Internet will gobble you up, and spit you back out if you're not paying attention.

So keep your eyes open and never stop learning.

"Information IS power!"

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