Submission Frequency
By Dan Thies

Dear Dan,

How often should you submit your web site to the search engines? I received an email from one SEO company that claims you should do this daily, within the limits of the number of URL you are allowed to submit every day. Others claim that this is abusive, pages should only be submitted when it is new or modified.

If you do submit on some sort of cycle do you think this actually does any good? If it does any good is it limited to certain search engines?

Jordan Glogau
Preferred Health Resources

Dear Jordan,

Rather than beat a dead horse, I'll offer this link:

The only people who want you to submit all the time are the submission services. The search engines certainly don't want it, and they make submitting harder all the time. I don't submit to the major search engines (Altavista, FAST, Google, Inktomi) at all. I let them find me, by spending my time building up my site's incoming links.

Submitting to minor search engines like, foreign search engines etc. may be the only way that they'll find you, but submitting the same site more than once is a big waste of time. If you do submit, do it once, and just submit your home page.

Getting enough quality links from related websites is essential if you want to get your site found, and enjoy get good rankings. Google may crawl your site when you submit it, but it won't show up in real searches until they find links on other sites that point to you. The other search engines don't take such a hard line, but they all treat you better if your site has plenty of incoming links from related sites.

I wish you success.

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